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My Take on Television Commercials

As seen on TVI need to begin by confessing that I despise commercials. It’s not because I object to the effort to promote and sell products through media. I get that it is a necessary means for funding.  My peeve is that I find myself becoming angry and offended by the tone of most commercials, which seem to be geared toward people with lower mentality.

Let’s face it, years ago it seemed that most commercials were aimed towards those who were not the sharpest crayon in the box. Really? Seriously? How stupid do you think we are? I am one of those individuals who talks back to the television all the time. Even though I am alone, and I fully understand that no one can hear me (except perhaps the neighbors), I verbally answer back and or criticize what needs to be addressed on the television. That includes making grammatical corrections orally on a regular basis.

I even speak up when there is an error in a title or the closed-captioning. There are some rather outrageous ones circulating social media that illustrate my point. And, I swear that “on the street interviews” are conducted only with individuals that have no clue, often using the phrases ” I seen…”, or “We got no….” but back to my point about commercials. These really make me grit my teeth and verbally correct them.

To avoid the painful experience for me to watch most commercials, and I’ll admit there are some cute ones – but they usually show up on social media or YouTube. My solution is to record any program I’d be interested in viewing. That way when I get around to watching it (see upcoming blog addressing THAT topic), I fast-forward through the commercials, to spare myself the discomfort. But one day over the holiday season I found myself with a little time on my hands and not much cued up to be watched. It occurred to me that I hadn’t really seen any commercials in quite some time, and it was possible that I was getting “out of touch”, since occasionally someone refers to a product or item that I was not aware existed.

So I spent a day watching LIVE programming. Not recorded, no fast-warding, and boy did I get an education. I now am completely aware of the problems in today’s society, and solutions that can be purchased to resolve them. I am an expert on Erectile dysfunction, constipation, diarrhea, urinary incontinence, toenail fungus, how much toilet paper to use, menopause, acid reflux, and depression.

And now I understand what was so funny about the cartoon that showed a little boy and his daddy at the park – when the boy asked his dad why that one area was cordoned off, and the dad explained that they were planning an erection showing the founder of that park to be displayed there for eternity. And the little boy’s response was “but they said on TV that if you have an erection lasting more than four hours you need to call your doctor.”

Another thing that irks me – what’s up with the repeated commercials?  I am by no means an expert in the advertising world, but I always thought that commercials were controlled, i.e. not repeated back-to-back. I thought someone was in charge of controlling that.  What good is is to run the same commercial multiple times during a program?  I thought paid time slots were allocated – If a sponsor bought 3 spots on Sunday night programming, you would think he would want all three used on the same hour-long show.  Duh!  Repetition isn’t always effective.  There are products I refuse to buy because I’m sick of hearing about them.  And I’m sure I’m not alone.

The epitome of it all is right around the corner.  Soon we will be hearing about how many millions of dollars will be spent on a “Super-bowl” spot, together with the millions of dollars spent to produce these “classic” pieces.  While there millions of people suffering because the money isn’t available, or funding has been cut.  Where are the priorities?

I think I’ll keep on recording and skipping the commercials.  Yes, I can be classified as a grammar Nazi.  But, I must admit that I am showing great self-control by not taking a red pen with me in the elevator where I live, making grammatical corrections to the notices posted inside the elevator by building management. But I do grit my teeth a lot.


Oh, The Joys of Corporate America

When I was hired by a company several years ago, I was welcomed to join their ranks with an “out of the ordinary welcoming committee.” It all came down at lunchtime, when my new co-workers invited me to join them in the lunch room. They explained to me that they were always anxious to learn a little bit about the newcomers, so they wanted to ask me a few questions.

The ringleader (c’mon, every office has one) began by saying that they had put together a series of questions to figure out the type of person I was.

Question #1 – “If we walked into your kitchen right now, could we find crumbs on the top of your toaster?” To which I responded “no”, and as I looked around the table they were all nodding their heads.

Question #2 – “How many times a year do you clean your oven?” (This was back in the day before self cleaning ovens were popular.) I cautiously responded “It depends on how much I use it, I just clean it when it needs it.” Again the circle of women around me all nodded their heads in agreement, looking like those little dogs that you placed in your car’s back window, whose head would bob up and down.

Question #3 – “Do you wipe off the top of the ketchup bottle each time it is used, before putting it back in the refrigerator?” (Again, this was back when ketchup bottles were glass, and had screw on caps – not the squirter type bottles of today; however, I still wipe off the top after each use.) I took a deep breath, though “Lord help me” to myself, and reluctantly spoke out “Yes, yes I do.”

Again, all the ladies nodded in agreement and the ringleader said, “See I told you – she’s one of those kinds.”

I’m so happy those days are behind me. I love retirement!

(Photo props – By Unknown or not provided (U.S. National Archives and Records Administration) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)

My Bizarre Lunch

Most people who know me or have worked with me observed that I usually eat the same lunch each day.  I like to craft a big homemade salad with fresh veggies, crab flakes, green onions, croutons, tiny cubes of cheese, black olives and spinach, romaine or whatever greens are in season and/or readily available (in other words, on sale or not outrageously priced).

I begin constructing my salad by slicing a tomato into wedges.  I love tomatoes, and generally use the “on the vine” variety because they are flavorful almost all year around and not as risky as the cherry or grape tomatoes.  (I say that because in my personal experience I have seen on more than one occasion where I cherry tomato “exploded” as the diner chomped down on them, spewing out of their mouth and in some cases quite a distance. – How embarrassing is that?) I also personally find in many instances the cherry tomatoes that I have grown or purchased have skins that are difficult to chew – almost like they are wearing spanx, although I have never actually bitten into spanx myself, I am just assuming the similarity.

Back to my bizarre experience today.  I wash cutting up my on the vine tomato, when much to my surprise,  the seeds inside the fruit (another controversial topic for another day) were actually beginning to sprout!  It literally freaked me out – at first I thought it was filled with tiny worms.   I had just previously killed a strange looking spider climbing up the wall, so my mindset was on creepy crawly things. Upon further review, it was apparent that these were actual sprouts!  The seeds were sprouting inside the tomato!!

I have never before experienced this, or even heard of the possibility.  Which brought me to wonder if anyone else ever saw this?  Is this some sort of Monsanto-ism? Since I am a very frugal person by nature, and only moments earlier had trimmed the mold off my block of cheese before cutting it in tiny cubes, I carefully “seeded” the tomato before proceeding to cut it into my bite-sized wedges.   And, I am pleased to report that the tomato tasted fantastic!  Another flavorful (but seedless) masterpiece created for lunch.

I Admit I Have Been Neglectful

On this cold and rainy July Friday I have finally admitted to myself that I have been neglecting my blog.  I never seem to have enough hours in a day like many other people.  I learned today that I have been successful in convincing a business to accept a series of posts that I have put together for them, so I have a slight “hankering to celebrate” so I’ve been poking around the Internet, doing a lot of reading and as always, attempting to learn new things and improve.  With that said, I will finally get around to updating some things and adding a few pieces to this blog.

Once again I am assuming and hoping that you will enjoy reading some if not all of these things.  I think it is also time to do a post to Facebook to remind people to check back often on my “Just For Fun” page, which contains links to my Pinterest Boards.  Like many others, I was very hesitant about joining Pinterest since I’ve heard it can be so very addicting.  However, in my case it has actually really helped me stay organized as an excellent way to save all the things I like to save.  There does not seem to be a day that goes by without running into something that I immediately “Pin” for future reference.

Go ahead and take a few minutes to peruse some of my posts and hopefully have a little enjoyment.

Just For Fun

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Keep in mind that I add new items to these boards regularly, probably be more accurate to say daily, so check back often!

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HVAC – I Feel The Need To Vent (no pun intended)

 I  live in a two-bedroom apartment, the upper unit of a four family building.  Going on 12 years now, and it’s not a bad place.  However, I have said on more that one occasion, I would like to meet the guy (sure it was a male) who laid out the HVAC for this building.  I would smack him upside the head and say “what the Heck (politely) were you thinking. Allow me to explain further – the heat vents that the hot air from the furnace as well as the cold air from the Central Air unit are those old type of round vents with a knob in the middle to adjust them (yeah right) like they had in the old Catholic grade school I went to many, many years ago.  The vents themselves are not actually a problem, but rather their location. In the bedrooms, bathroom and living room they are located high on a wall about two inches below the ceiling.  Here’s the kicker – in the living room, the one and only thermostat to control the heat (or air) is located about three feet from the vent!   Duh!!!!  How accurate can that be when the heat or cold air is blowing directly down on the thermostat!!   So, I went and got one of those clear plastic deflector thingies at the hardware store to direct the heat to the ceiling and hopefully cut a little slack for the thermostat.

Now comes the kitchen vent, that really irks me.  This is a very small kitchen, dining area mind you.  There is one small “L” shaped cupboard area with a countertop over the longer section (less than five feet in length) and the sink is on the short section of the “L”.   This area of course accounts for the “only” inside walls in the entire kitchen/dinette area which contains one window.  So where is the heat vent?  Smack dab over the countertop/work area, so if you are doing dishes in the sink, preparing food, or worst-case scenario trying to get bread dough to rise or roll out you’ve got the furnace heat blasting right down on you or the cold air in the summer.  No wonder cooking and housework makes me sweat so much.  Did I mention I’m anxious for spring, when I can open the windows?