Anxiously Waiting for Opening Day 2014

As the temperatures are slowly creeping above zero, as the Polar Vortex inches its way back home, my mind can not help but wander to the days when we can finally be enjoying the boys of summer.  Having spent all my life in Wisconsin, all this snow and cold is by far nothing new.  But, it seems as I grow older I really tend to favor the warmer seasons of the year.  As was once described to me by a foreigner who decided to take up residence in our fine state, “Wisconsin has four seasons: June, July, August and Winter.”   His opinion on this seems fairly accurate.

As 2013 drew to a close, it was quite an eventful year for me at that.  I finally got my hip replaced allowing me to be ambulatory once again.  A dear friend of mine who has also receiving a few joint replacements told me “new body parts are awesome.”  I believe she is very correct.  In fact, we are thinking of starting a new club called “The Bionic Grannies Club.”

After the past year that was quite was full of challenges, I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and keep busy doing the things that I love, since I am now officially retired.  Getting back to my crocheting, which sat idle for almost a year.   The “Handmade by Sandy” shop will soon be offering all sorts of goodies.  Crocheting is very enjoyable and even therapeutic.  I must admit, it does help my arthritic hands, even though it is not so good for the carpal tunnel.    I’ll consider it a tradeoff.

Back to the new year, and a fresh start.  I decided to do some spring cleaning,  and began with this blog.  Cleaned it up, brought things up-to-date, and even redecorated with a new theme that is very fitting for my character.  Those who know me personally are aware of my love for owls.  Over the years I have had to down-size my collectables, so I found it very appealing when I spotted this new theme.

I’m also dabbling in exploring other resources to showcase my wordsmith efforts.  I’ve joined up with several freelance writers sources and have even become a Yahoo Contributor.  I don’t intent to get bored any time in the future.  (Which, by the way is a topic that I have addressed previously, and will soon feature here.) Stayed tuned, dear friends, as I continue to attempt to entertain you.


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