I am a semi-retired freelance writer, editor and proofreader.   I can ghostwrite a story based on real life or I can create one based on a topic of your choice. I have been exercising my writing skills for over twenty years in various capacities, usually as part of or on behalf of a community organizations.    After many years of hearing from  individuals that they enjoyed reading my work, and my total dissatisfaction with Corporate America and increasing frustrations  with  functioning within that world of business I deduced that it was time to change things.  This prompted me to explore the possibilities to find a new way to survive while at the same time dealing with health issues that interfere with normal activities.

Writing is very enjoyable for me, which is why I decided to pursue freelance writing.   With the advanced technology that is available today we are hearing more about  a whole new way that individuals can work, and the help of telecommuting and the expansive reach of the Internet the possibilities are amazing.  To me it was remarkable when I discovered all of the choices and options that are available to offer your services or locate the services that you need from literally a worldwide source of possible opportunities.

During my brief experience in the capacity of offering freelance writing services, I have put together an assortment of some of my pieces to provide a sampling of the work I enjoy creating.  Please feel free to explore this website and be sure to come back often to view my latest and greatest.


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