Wait Until You Hear About This!

It is absolutely fascinating to learn about Sacramento County in the beautiful state of California.  The famous discovery of gold in California in 1848 centered the Sacramento area as a focus of attention for everyone from within the country to internationally located individuals.  All had the same thing in mind, to find that gold.  This resulted in a mass migration of those gold seekers along with miners and pioneers to the area.  These people as well as the current residents have always been and still are very energetic and innovative with their approach to advancing commerce as well as building and maintaining  their community.

And the results have been incredible benefits that are available to area residents as well as visitors to the vicinity.  Let’s start with the natural amenities and then move to the man-made.  The parks rank very highly as this area boasts of the “jewel of Sacramento” which refers to the 23 mile American River Parkway that contains unique wildlife and a spectacular recreation area available for fishing, boating, rafting along with other water activities.  The parkway also has picnic sites, guided natural and historic tours and even golfing.  There are also other amazing parks to be enjoyed throughout the area including the Cosumnes River Preserve, State Parks and even dog parks.

You can enjoy your choice of the many golf courses that are available and enjoy biking on some of the incredible bike trails that are offered.   Regional parks even cater to the current day geocaching  phenomenon that is presently a popular activity.  We must also point out that this area served as a major transportation hub in the pioneer days for wagon trains , riverboats and stagecoaches.  It was in Sacramento that the Central Pacific Railroad began which eventually led to the major transportation route  that connected the U.S. from east to west.  The California State Railroad Museum is located in Old Sacramento and regarded as America’s most popular railroad museum.

The Sacramento area is also home to various other museums featuring fascinating displays of interest to young and old alike.   And, don’t forget about the famous Sacramento Zoo that is home to over 140 native, rare and endangered species.  There is so much that you can do in this area,  if you don’t already live here you might want to consider it!

Just for some more fun let’s check out some of the available properties in Sacramento County:

[Two current listings would be shown in this area, one selected from low-priced offerings and one from the higher price range]


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