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HVAC – I Feel The Need To Vent (no pun intended)

 I  live in a two-bedroom apartment, the upper unit of a four family building.  Going on 12 years now, and it’s not a bad place.  However, I have said on more that one occasion, I would like to meet the guy (sure it was a male) who laid out the HVAC for this building.  I would smack him upside the head and say “what the Heck (politely) were you thinking. Allow me to explain further – the heat vents that the hot air from the furnace as well as the cold air from the Central Air unit are those old type of round vents with a knob in the middle to adjust them (yeah right) like they had in the old Catholic grade school I went to many, many years ago.  The vents themselves are not actually a problem, but rather their location. In the bedrooms, bathroom and living room they are located high on a wall about two inches below the ceiling.  Here’s the kicker – in the living room, the one and only thermostat to control the heat (or air) is located about three feet from the vent!   Duh!!!!  How accurate can that be when the heat or cold air is blowing directly down on the thermostat!!   So, I went and got one of those clear plastic deflector thingies at the hardware store to direct the heat to the ceiling and hopefully cut a little slack for the thermostat.

Now comes the kitchen vent, that really irks me.  This is a very small kitchen, dining area mind you.  There is one small “L” shaped cupboard area with a countertop over the longer section (less than five feet in length) and the sink is on the short section of the “L”.   This area of course accounts for the “only” inside walls in the entire kitchen/dinette area which contains one window.  So where is the heat vent?  Smack dab over the countertop/work area, so if you are doing dishes in the sink, preparing food, or worst-case scenario trying to get bread dough to rise or roll out you’ve got the furnace heat blasting right down on you or the cold air in the summer.  No wonder cooking and housework makes me sweat so much.  Did I mention I’m anxious for spring, when I can open the windows?