On The Subject Of Pocket Folders aka Portfolios

Who Knew Pocket Folders Were Capable Of Saying So Much About Your Business?

 Just about everyone has at one time or another used or have been given pocket folders to hold printed materials. I personally was first introduced to them in grade school. We had to purchase pocket folders for each class, and they needed to be the specified colors. Red was for penmanship, yellow for science, etc. I was always impressed with the rainbow of colors inside my desk or my school bag.

 As I grew up and started applying for jobs I found that the pocket folders did a great job of protecting my resume and letters of recommendation as I went to job interviews. I was proud to show off my organizational skills and hopefully impress my soon to be new employer. It was at that point that I started to realize that there was a revolution in the world of folders and I found myself impressed with all of the various adjustments and adaptations that were developed for the ordinary folder that not only made it more practical, but also made it stand out in the crowd, representing the business or industry through colors, style and design.

 It all began, as I recall, with the use of diagonal slits in the pocket so that the individual handing out the folder could conveniently place their business card in the slits, and I would not fall out or get lost. I thought that was a pretty clever and practical idea. Then, began the use of different types of materials to make them that included a wide array of types and weights of paper and an assortment of PMS colors. This lead to an industry explosion that offered folders made to order for just about anything a customer could request.

 Custom folders became a big business allowing a business to request folders that displayed their company logo, featured specific colors, had foil stamps or were embossed. The folders could feature curved pockets, wave pockets, reinforced or even window pockets. You can specify folders that are larger capacity, tabbed or even legal sized. Or perhaps you could use a 3-panel folder, or a side pocket folder or what about a flap folder? As you can see the options are unlimited allowing for a unique customized folder to be created that is high quality and distinctive to represent your business and your needs.

 The world of customized pocket folders sure has come a long way. From the early days of providing a way to keep your reports and paperwork neat and clean, to becoming unique customized presentation folders that are an attractive and useful part of the show. Frankly, I liked my yellow science folder.  And, I think it’s still around here somewhere.


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